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Hood Ice Cream and Red Sox Experience, 2015 WellPet “Wag For Wellness” Tour, 2015 Eversource Energy Quest™ Experience, 2015 Cree Mobile Tour, 2015 Nova Scotia at Faneuil Hall, 2014 Braun Cross Country Tour, 2014 Citizens Bank Summer Arts Weekend, 2014

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For every experience you’d like your brand to create, BGM Experiential (BGMexp) is your team. Why? Well, we pride ourselves on being able to focus on you, your brand, and your needs because, in the end, that’s what it’s all about.

BGMexp offers creative and strategic solutions that provide brands and retailers with the ability to interact and make emotional connections with their target consumer. We’ve created initiatives for clients like...

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Where do you want your brand to go? Let us help you get there. Here’s the deal: We’re a full-service experiential agency with a focus on B2C marketing initiatives. We specialize in creating meaningful, non-traditional branding experiences. From turnkey solutions to creative design, we offer digital and experiential executions for our clients in the U.S. and Canada. Oh, and we can help with all that “traditional brand stuff,” too. So, tell us where you want to go—whether now or five years down the road. Your goals are our goals.

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Experiential Marketing

EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING One of the most effective ways to establish brand loyalty and drive sales for our clients is to create tangible experiences that involve their consumers. We work hard to create lasting emotional connections between consumers and our clients' brands.

Mobile Tours

MOBILE TOURS An effective way to bring our clients’ brands and products to life is via a mobile tour, which is a versatile medium that can generate thousands of impressions each day. We work to conceptualize based on an established set of goals and brand characteristics and then create an innovative and strategic consumer experience.


SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship opportunities allow brands to reach specifically targeted niche markets as well as support events and initiatives that can help influence consumer opinions. This type of marketing increases our clients’ credibility and image and positively shapes consumer attitudes towards their brands.

Research & Analytics

PRODUCTION Our production team conceptualizes, designs, and oversees the fabrication of every piece of creative within each activation. From 53’ mobile event trailers and trade show spaces to immersive social outreach programs, we provide logistical support for asset procurement, vehicle brokering, shipping and transportation, and warehousing. We also handle hiring top-of-the-line event staff. It’s all in the details.

Creative Services

CREATIVE SERVICES BGMexp’s in-house creative team prides itself on being at the forefront of creative and innovative marketing solutions. We have a proven track record of developing groundbreaking cross-platform ideas that turn into memorable experiences for our clients. Turning ideas into tangible events, from experiential to social, media, and beyond, is truly where we thrive.


STRATEGY After a deep dive into our clients’ brands and a clear, concrete understanding of their marketing initiatives, we explore and develop activations that are both integrated and measurable.

Content Marketing

VIDEO PRODUCTION Long format educational videos, social shorts, and promo videos. Over the past few years, we’ve created engaging pieces of shareable content for our clients that have resulted in thousands of consumer interactions.

Digital Services

DIGITAL SERVICES From websites to mobile applications that feature data capture and social sharing capabilities, digital is embedded in nearly every facet of consumer behavior—so tapping into this discipline for our clients is crucial.

Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA Social media has fundamentally changed the way brands communicate with consumers and prospects. Social media initiatives, especially during an experiential initiative, help to further deepen a connection with consumers by giving them an additional touch point to visit before, during, and after a campaign.

Research & Analytics

RESEARCH & ANALYTICS Our research team identifies business opportunities as well as understands the consumer behavior that drives those opportunities into action. It explores qualitative and quantitative research and evaluates media behaviors in order to uncover and help build consumer interaction. Beyond developing insights, we believe in leveraging available data in real-time to augment campaigns already in progress.

Media Planning

MEDIA PLANNING No matter the activation, we work to help our clients effectively channel creative and marketing initiatives into the appropriate medium. We have the ability to strategically place media buys across all markets.

Retail Marketing

RETAIL MARKETING We work directly with retailers to create brand advocacy and generate sales, regardless of channel or location. Our understanding of consumer buying behaviors allows us to effectively influence consumers and helps streamline the purchase decision.

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Braun, BGMexp, and 360PR joined forces to launch an eight-week, four-city mobile tour to reveal Braun’s new thermometer featuring “No Touch” technology. Visiting nearly 50 locations, the tour engaged consumers by allowing them to try the product and get their hands on free giveaways.


BGMexp had the opportunity to work on a new product launch for Braun Thermometers that unveiled their new No Touch + Forehead Thermometer to families across the nation. As the first company to offer a thermometer featuring a touch-free and non-invasive solution to temperature taking, Braun wanted a way to drive awareness to their product. BGMexp was tasked with developing a unique tactic to introduce the new state-of-the-art thermometer at the start of the cold season.


With a product almost too good to believe, it was important to get it in front of consumers to allow for interaction. BGMexp put together an eight-week mobile program where branded vehicles visited Boston, Providence, and Washington, D.C. as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Getting on the road with the Braun No Touch + Thermometer branded van, the tour visited nearly 50 family-friendly locations. Consumers interacted with the brand via product exploration, and a sweepstakes. They also had the opportunity to get their hands on promotional materials and coupons, which helped generate interest among potential customers.


By the end of the tour, over 750,000 brand impressions were established as a result of both driving and events, 5,700 temperatures were taken, and 4,000 Braun deliverables and coupons were handed out. Braun also donated to local children’s hospitals in each city that was visited along the tour.


Dorel Juvenile Safety 1st tour

Enlisted by Dorel Juvenile, parent company to Safety 1st, we embarked on a multi-market campaign. We offered consumers a “big top” environment, including a larger-than-life, eight-foot replica of their newest car seat. Participants learned about the Safety 1st brand and had the opportunity to participate in a drive-up car seat safety check.


Dorel Juvenile needed a way to build awareness while promoting Safety 1st’s newest car seat. They were looking to create an experience that was buzz-worthy enough to prompt people to share via social, and provided consumers with the assurance that the brand is a leading force in childhood car safety.


BGMexp designed a consumer experience that helped to not only increase brand awareness, but also educate the target consumer and provide them with the opportunity to see firsthand how comfortable and safe their car seats really are. BGMexp wanted to help Safety 1st achieve their objectives by generating a memorable feature attraction that would tour to various markets.


Each stop on the tour featured an inflatable tunnel that consumers could explore to learn more about the technology behind Safety 1st. They were offered a car seat inspection by certified technicians and could also lounge in an eight-foot replica of a Safety 1st car seat, take a picture in front of the 15-foot blow-up car seat, and win prizes from Safety 1st partners like Allstate. Consumers were encouraged to share their experiences on social media. BGMexp also concepted and produced video content to demonstrate the heritage behind the brand and explain the impressive technology behind its car seats. Videos were not only featured on tour, but also on retail partners’ websites.


Each event drew significant crowds, bringing the number of consumers who engaged with Safety 1st content and activities to hundreds. Nearly 200 car seat safety checks were performed by professionals across all activations.



For client AT&T, BGMexp created a custom application and Twitter platform at the Women’s Conference in Austin, Texas. In conjunction with digital initiatives, a strong physical brand presence established AT&T as the official telecommunications provider for the conference.


AT&T tapped into BGMexp to enhance their brand presence and sponsorship at the annual Women’s Conference event in Texas. The event, which features nationally recognized speakers who share their thoughts on a wide range of personal and professional development topics for women, provided vast opportunities to connect with savvy female consumers.


With a booth at the event, BGMexp wanted an activation that would surpass the physical destination and integrate well-connected phones to the conference. So a custom mobile application and Twitter platform powered by AT&T was built and became the official app of the conference. Leveraging social media, conference attendees were encouraged to utilize the mobile application through prizes and prompted to use social media with the conference hashtag #txconfwomen during the question and answer periods.


AT&T-branded LCD screens around the conference streamed live Twitter feeds and prompted attendees to download the event application, which allowed them to communicate with the brand as well as keynote speakers via the hashtag #txconfwomen. Trivia questions tweeted out by AT&T created additional interaction between conference-goers and the brand, awarding prizes to correct responses at the AT&T booth. In addition to handling all technological and creative aspects of the activation, BGMexp hired and trained all staff as well as assisted with devices at the AT&T booth.


With branding that exceeded the booth and an experience that instilled a presence across the conference, AT&T consumer engagement boosted the opportunity for potential sales and upgrades. The event app and Twitter platform also resulted in nearly 3,300 tweets by the end of the event.



Nova Scotia Tourism along with their creative agency, teamed up with BGMexp for a one-day media and two-day consumer event at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. Consumers experienced Nova Scotia through live entertainment, photos with a replica of the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, food demonstrations, prize giveaways, and more.


Nova Scotia wanted to make a splash in Boston and was looking for a campaign/event to build their media schedule around. They had assets like a replica of the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse and wanted to demonstrate to consumers that travel to Nova Scotia via the Nova Star was quick and easy. Nova Scotia identifies Boston as a target market because the Nova Star was returning as a travel alternative.


Utilizing existing and newly created Nova Scotia assets along with BGMexp’s expertise within Boston, BGMexp created an experience that embodied not only Nova Scotia, but also something that Bostonians could identify with.


BGMexp executed all aspects of the event, from concept to recap. This included moving the replica lighthouse from Canada and erecting it in Faneuil Hall, producing an Inflatable Pitching Tunnel, and using a custom-built app across the entire event. BGMexp also worked with local vendors on all signage, printing, staging and power requirements, and the handling of all permitting and staffing. Onsite, BGMexp managed all logistics, programming, prize giveaways, staffing, and consumer experiences on behalf of Nova Scotia.


Tens of thousands of consumers came through the event footprint throughout the weekend, while scores more took part in the many activations. Over 1,350 people participated in the contests and received giveaways and 587 people opted in for follow-ups from Nova Scotia.



BGMexp created an award-winning physical, virtual experience that helped spread awareness of energy efficiency among middle school students for client Eversource.


As New England’s leading energy supplier, Eversource has a history of creating interactive, school-based programs that help students understand energy efficiency. Looking for a new and engaging way to generate activity in the classroom and spark discussion around in-home energy usage, Eversource reached out to BGMexp for help. The objective was clear—Eversource wanted to build a program for students in grades 6-8 that live in communities serviced by the company.


BGMexp set out to create a custom simulation for students to explore and investigate—an experience that would spark the senses and ultimately drive recall beyond the classroom. To achieve this, BGMexp needed something portable enough that it could easily be transported to schools across New England. The campaign also had to be fun and engaging in order to create a lasting impression and lifestyle change among students, yet also educational so that it would garner the endorsement of educators. Taking this into consideration, BGMexp created Energy Quest™, a custom-built, life-sized inflatable environment designed to replicate a home.


The experience is brought to life using the augmented reality platform Blippar. Within one 40-minute class period, the program sends up to 30 students on a quest to explore five rooms within the inflatable environment in search of areas where energy is used. Each student, equipped with a Blippar enabled iPad mini™, navigates through the inflatable environment. With more than 20 images of energy-use strategically placed throughout the environment, students are instructed to “blipp" (scan) these images with their iPad mini™ to launch an experience on the device, bringing the static image to life using augmented reality and testing their knowledge of energy conservation.


This award-winning campaign launched mid-Spring 2015 on the heels of the 2014-2015 school year and continues to find success and spread important messaging. The program, which is still in progress, will complete a total of 225 programs by 2017.


Boston Children's Social Videos

Working with Boston Children’s Hospital in anticipation of their #1 U.S. News and World Report ranking, we cultivated organic video content and launched a social media campaign. The content, which was part of a larger multi-platform campaign, focused on children whose lives were forever changed by treatment received through the world-renowned hospital.


Boston Children’s Hospital enlisted BGMexp to help find everyday people on the streets of Boston who would be willing to talk about their personal experiences with the hospital. This content would serve as part of their #ThisKidInspires campaign, which centered around children who underwent treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital.


BGMexp set out to create a video series of Bostonians sharing their personal experiences with Boston Children’s Hospital. The goal was to convey just how many people have been touched by experiences with the hospital.


Videos were shot at locations around Boston and featured a variety of emotionally charged stories. Video teams spoke with potential families, while brand ambassadors distributed handbills encouraging people to share their stories via the designated website. BGMexp then edited the content for clarity and length and shared them via Boston Children’s Hospital’s social channels.


Our team distributed 2,000 handbills and captured 10 organic videos, which were posted to social media channels. These videos received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community and helped to make the campaign a huge success.


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At BGM Experiential, we don’t just focus on unique, creative, and outright awesome brand work for clients across the nation and in Canada. Each year, we also create, coordinate, and promote some of Boston’s biggest events—a perk of having offices in Beantown. Want the chance to connect with Boston-based consumers across a wide range of demographics at some of Boston’s biggest events? We can help you with that too. Just give us a shout and talk to someone from our Signature Events team.

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