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Holiday Marketing Madness

Posted by Sara Mirson on 10/30/2017

It is absolutely important for marketers and retailers to plan ahead and take advantage of the holiday season since emotion plays a huge role in purchase decision. Consumers are more susceptible to having their heartstrings tugged at since the nostalgia of purchasing for others (and themselves) is as real as it gets during the holidays. But how soon is too soon to bring out the holiday cheer?

Screen addiction. Is it a thing?

Posted by Sara Mirson on 4/3/2017

Today more than ever it’s become harder and harder to connect with people face-to-face. Why? Because in our society, people — especially millennials and emerging generations — hide behind digital screens. Phones, tablets, computers, TV screens, wearable tech — it’s become, dare I say, almost an addiction.

Experiential Creativity – Part I

Posted by Sara Mirson on 10/13/2016

One of the most crucial parts of planning a successful experiential marketing event is the journey that it takes to get there. It sounds simple but make sure you have a process in place, hold people accountable, and stay on-brief.

Pulling Together a Successful Internal Meeting

Posted by Sara Mirson on 4/20/2016

Whatever the reason might be for getting a team together, planning and implementing a meeting, even an internal one, can be daunting. Between working around schedules, creating an agenda, and pulling together necessary research — there’s a lot that goes into pulling together a successful gathering.