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Rich Yagjian
Hunt's Photo and Video
"We smashed our sales record from last year and there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind here that that full day takeover that we did on Boston.com was the perfect media for us to promote our event"
Mary Anne Clancy
Institution for Savings
"We have been advertising our mortgage products for a number of years in the print editions. Our lenders measure every week where those leads come in and by far, the majority of them come in through advertising, through The Boston Globe."
Greg Sweeney
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
"There’s a tremendous benefit that comes with being associated with The Boston Globe whether it’s the through the newspaper, the Boston Globe Magazine, the digital products that are offered"
Shannon Thompson
Sun & Ski
"We have seen 187% increase just in the zip codes in the Boston area, so I think that that definitely equates to all the advertising we’re doing here with The Boston Globe and Boston.com."
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