Terms and Conditions

Advertising Terms of Agreement

General Policies and Rate Information

  1. Advertising accepted by a Boston Globe Media Partners, LLC publication (individually and collectively “BGMP”) is subject to all terms and conditions contained herein.
  2. Placing a classified advertising order, or any other advertising order not subject to a specific written agreement signed by us and you, by any means, whether online, on the phone, or otherwise indicates acceptance of the advertising acceptability policies of BGMP and of these Advertising Terms of Agreement.
  3. Advertiser will be provided with accurate pricing at the time of final proof. BGMP reserves the right to revise its rates, but will honor the price provided to Advertiser as to the specific advertisement in the proof.
  4. BGMP reserves the right to determine the advertising rate classification for an advertisement.
  5. Reproduction processes may cause the dimensions of the advertisement as printed to be smaller.

Advertising Acceptability Guidelines

  1. BGMP reserves the right to refuse to accept any advertisement for any reason whatsoever.
  2. BGMP may decline to accept advertising that it deems in its sole discretion to: be misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent; make unfair or deceptive competitive claims; or fail to comply with its standards of decency or dignity.
  3. BGMP reserves the right to decline advertising in consideration of the applicability of laws dealing with matters including, but not limited to libel, copyright and trademark, the right to privacy, the sale of securities, the sale of real estate, the sale of regulated or prohibited products, and political advertising.
  4. BGMP maintains clear separation between news and editorial content and its advertisements. Accordingly, ads that include elements usually associated with BGMP editorial matter or format will not be accepted; including, but not limited to headlines, typography, bylines, or news-style column arrangements.
  5. Additionally, BGMP reserves the right to label an advertisement with the word “Advertisement” when, in its opinion, this is necessary to make the distinction between editorial material and advertising.

Proof of Publication

BGMP’s method for proof of publication is the MerlinOne E-sheet system. The Globe does not provide hardcopy tear sheets free of charge. The advertiser agrees to accept The Boston Globe electronic tear sheet as proof of publication and services rendered for all ads that run in The Boston Globe.

You access e-sheets in the main navigation bar or on your account information page.

Or you can sign-up by:


  1. Logging in to: http://ts.merlinone.com
  2. Entering your Account Number followed by the letters bgl Located at the top of your billing statement in the box labeled “Billed A/C #”
  3. Entering temporary password: welcome*all lower case


Copy and Copyright Regulations

  1. The Advertiser and the Advertising Agency assume liability, jointly and severally, for all content (including text representations, illustrations, and audiovisual material) of advertisements printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against BGMP.
  2. Advertiser acknowledges that BGMP owns the copyright in and to the selection, coordination and arrangement of the content of the newspaper. This includes any advertisements it has prepared and produced. The advertiser purchases only the space. Advertiser acknowledges that to the extent BGMP deems it necessary, advertiser is obligated to cooperate and/or participate in any enforcement by BGMP of its copyrights.
  3. The Advertiser and the Advertising Agency agree, jointly and severally, to indemnify and hold BGMP harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees), liabilities and damages arising in any way from publication of any advertisement placed by the Advertiser or the Advertising Agency.
  4. BGMP will not be bound by any special clauses relating to legal liability, circulation guarantees or any other condition in contracts or insertion orders that conflict with its policies, including these Terms of Agreement, unless BGMP has specifically agreed thereto in writing.
  5. BGMP accepts no liability for its failure for any reason to insert an advertisement. BGMP accepts no liability for reductions in distribution, caused by acts of God, strikes, labor disputes, suspension of publication, failure of transportation or any other cause beyond its control.
  6. BGMP accepts no liability for any error in advertisement caused by it, except for the cost of the space actually occupied by the error. In order to qualify for such an adjustment, the Advertiser or Agency agrees to provide details of all disputes utilizing the newspaper reference number printed on the invoice and forward it with their payment within 30 days of the invoice dates.
  7. Credit for errors is allowed only for the first insertion of a given advertisement. BGMP will make the final determination of the amount, if any, of a credit allowance.
  8. BGMP reserves the right to revise or reject advertisements in accordance with standards of acceptability of BGMP, to lighten or change type or borders, or to omit advertisements without notice. Placement of advertising is at the sole discretion of BGMP.
  9. By placing an advertisement in BGMP, the advertiser agrees that the advertisement as it appears will become the property of BGMP and assigns BGMP all ownership interest, under the Copyright Act or otherwise, in the advertisement as it appears in a BGMP property. Unless notified to the contrary by BGMP, the advertiser is granted a license to place the same ad in other media.