Content Licensing

Answers to frequently asked questions about the legal use of Boston Globe Media Partners content.

Do I need permission to use Boston Globe Media Partners (including The Boston Globe,, and STAT) (“BGMP”) content?

Yes. With the limited exceptions described on this page, all use of BGMP content (text, photographs, illustrations, graphics, videos, audio content, etc.) requires the permission of BGMP.

Please note that when articles, photographs, illustrations, graphics, videos, audio content, etc. are credited to a source other than BGMP (such as the Associated Press), it is most likely that the credited source holds the rights to the material. Please contact that party directly.

Where can I order a copy or license?

  • Commercial, Editorial, and other Business Use Permissions: Looking to reproduce content (stories, photos, videos, etc.) produced by BGMP staff for commercial, editorial, or other business purposesFor Boston Globe and content: Please submit your requests to our licensing partner, PARS, via this link (or for Globe staff-taken photos, you may alternatively contact us directly via [email protected]). For STAT content: Please submit your requests to our licensing partner, PARS, via this link.
  • Personal, Non-Commercial Use Permissions: If you are interested in reproducing BGMP (including Boston Globe,, and STAT) staff-produced content exclusively for personal, non-commercial use, please fill out the form here. “Personal, non-commercial use” means that neither you nor anyone else will derive revenue from or related to the use of the BGMP content. Note that, if we approve your request for a license, your use will be subject to the licensing terms here
  • Back Issues: Order a printed copy of The Boston Globe that was published within the last 90 days. Quantities and supplies are limited. Use this link to order
  • Photos and Page Reproductions: Order historical and contemporary Boston Globe front page and photo reprints. There are a number of size and framing options from which to choose. Use this link to order from our partner, Dorian Color.
  • Boston Globe Archives: Free to view for Boston Globe subscribers, these archives contain the text of stories written by BGMP reporters between 1980 and the present, and PDF images of select stories from 1872 to 1926. Use this link to view the archives.

Download Personal, non-Commercial Use Content Licensing Terms & Conditions

Are there any uses for which I do not need permission?

You may download a single copy of BGMP content for personal, non-commercial use only, provided that you maintain all copyright and other notices contained therein and comply with Section 2.3 of the Terms of Service. In addition, you may post a link on your own website to a BGMP website.

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